LED Lamp For Nails Dryer 80W Ice Lamp For Manicure Gel Nail Lamp Drying Lamp For Gel Varnish


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This product is a professional nail polish dryer, providing you a salon level of care not only for your fingernails, but also your nails. Different from traditional UV nail lamps, except UV glue for nails, this heating machine can also be used to dry all other nail gels.


1. Connect the adapter

2. After starting the machine, the machine working time can be set from time to time and buttons

3. The sync buttons are 10 s, s 30 s, s 60 s,  99S

4. Do not use the time setting button, put your hands in the machine, the infrared sensor will automatically start the machine, the maximum operating time is 120 s.

5. The default power supply is general power, press the S button 99 s for about 2 s, the power will be doubled or canceled twice (the power is double in 10 s. 30 s. 60 s and the workt ime infrared) by pressing 99 s (about 0.5 s) belongs to the painless mode, the output power will automatically incrementally increase.

6. The display screen shows the corresponding synchronization time, s when using s 10 s, s 30 s, 60 s buttons for synchronization, display time-countdown. S when using the 99s button and the infrared sensor for synchronization, the display screen shows the time clockwise.


1.42 /36 pieces UV-LED beads (365   405nm)

2. Maximum power: 84W

3. adapter:

Rated input voltage: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

4. Product size: 230 * 210 * 105 mm/220mm*200mm*95mm


1. Please read the instructions carefully before using.

2. To maintain a long service life, please do not keep the LEDs on for more than 600 seconds.

Parcel list:

1 * lamp for nails * 1 pc.

1 * Power supply * 1 pc.

1 * User Manual * 1 pc.

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80W X5 Plus(US Plug), 80W X5 Plus(EU Plug)

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